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    Hello, sparkling fans!

    I've had a few cuff orders lately, and since I haven't updated my online inventory for a while I think it's time to let the world know there are more. 

    Message or email me with Qs or to order. 


    Here are a few pics of the following:

    Brass cuffs:
    A. and B. Real plant imprint cuffs $90/each - one has imprint on the inside, one on the outside
    C. Rose etched cuff with rhodolite garnet (purple stone) $165
    D. Aquatic plant etched cuff with white topaz $160 SOLD
    E. Rocks and Roll with guitar string and several white Swarovski crystals $120

    Silver cuffs:
    F. Plant imprint $120
    G. Plant imprint with two red sapphires $190

    H. Copper secret garden cuff with interior etch, outside leaves detail, and keyhole cutout (smaller size) $150

    First image, clockwise from top left: c, b, a, f, d, h

    Second image from top center clockwise: c, f, a, b, d, h

    Third image clockwise from left: b, d, c, a

    Fourth image from left: h, f, g

    Fifth image: g, f

    Sixth image: h

    Seventh image: e, a, b, d, g, f

    Eighth image: f, g, d, b, a, e

    Ninth and tenth: e

    Last: h


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