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  • Even as we speak, envious time is running away from us. (Goodbye, AOSF gallery)

    I've thought about that Horace line a lot in the last decade. It's tattooed on my ribs as a reminder, but momento mori isn't entirely necessary for a darker mind such as mine. Such as many of ours, mayhap. 

    Life is short. For the lucky folks who love it, the amount of time we have in our bodies is a cruel joke. 

    I've always been quite a curious little cat, and I want to experience as many lives as possible within my determined years. Sometimes I make major changes, such as moving from the lush gardens of performing arts promotion to the exotic...

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  • The art of making babies

    My name is Emily and I'm a six-months pregnant metalsmith. 

    Some days I get sick. Most days I get tired. Every day some body part I've never paid attention to screams out in pain, begging me to trade in my bench for my bed.

    Still, I hammer on. Puns and all.

    Other days, I'm feeling especially invincible and decide to take part in a three-person art show this coming May. I knew I had it in me to find clever ways around the toxins and fumes inherent in shaping metal into art. It started with a lot...

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